Maze for Linux

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usage Model

Does maze support multiple threads or multiple processes?

Does maze support distributed processes?

Does maze support interactive mode applications?

Does maze support applications written in scripting languages?

What programming languages are supported by maze?

What threads libraries are supported by maze?

Can maze run in interactive mode, like a regular debugger?

System Requirements

How to find out which Linux distribution I have?

How to find out which Linux kernel I have?

What is my machine's architecture?

How do I check if my binary is ELF?

Do you recommend that I use specific distribution/kernel combinations?

Do I need to use a specific compiler?


Do I need the root privileges in order to install maze?

In what directory maze should be installed?

Do I need to install any shared libraries?

How to upgrade maze to a newer version?

How to uninstall maze?

Pricing and Licensing

How much does maze cost?

How can I get maze?

Why do we need a license agreement? Why do you ask for my company name and address?

What are the terms of the beta license agreement?

Do I need to fill both the user registration form and the beta license application form?

When you set the price tag on maze, what will it be?

Site Access and Privacy

What is the difference between a guest, a registered user, and a customer?

Why do I need to register in order to post on the forum?

What part of my user profile will be visible to the public?

How are you going to use my contact information?

How do I know that my form submission went through?


This site is currently maintained for reference only. Maze development and user subscriptions have been discontinued.

Watch the video of Maze presentation at Stanford High-Performance Computing Conference on Dec 6, 2011 at Stanford University in Stanford, CA.

Link to the video at insideHPC