Maze for Linux

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Maze output

Maze log of events starts with the header containing the information about maze itself. It follows with the information about current session:

  • mode (TEST or RECONSTRUCTION) and number of runs
maze: Running in a test mode.
maze: Number of test runs is 3.



  • instructions for the future RECONSTRUCTION mode run (TEST mode only)
maze: A run from this session can be reproduced with the following command:
maze: maze -p 5197 -R
maze: with run_index = 1,...,3




  • run number and the TEST session id (RECONSTRUCTION mode only)
maze: Reproducing run # 2 from the maze test session with pid = 5197.



As maze proceeds with the runs, it prints this information:

  • run number and full paths to the files where maze redirects the application's standard output and standard error streams
maze: Run # 1
maze: stdout > "/home/bar/.maze/5197/1.out"
maze: stderr > "/home/bar/.maze/5197/1.err"




  • process id(s) and command(s) of the process(es) started by maze
maze: The following process is running:
maze: pid command
maze: 5208 /home/bar/foo




Maze reports events occurring during the run:

  • creation of new processes or threads
maze: A new thread (tgid = 5208, pid = 5209) was created by main thread (tgid = 5208, pid = 5208)



  • processes or threads exiting
maze: Process (pid = 5209) exited normally.



  • signals; if a signal is terminating the process, maze prints the process' stack
maze: Process (pid = 17388) received signal 6 (Aborted) from (pid = 17388).



  • deadlocks; maze prints a list of blocking processes and threads, their stacks and the blocking conditions
maze: ERROR: A deadlock was detected in the run # 30.
maze: The following processes are blocking:
maze: Process (pid = 17325) is waiting for a mutex.
maze: Process (pid = 17326) is waiting for a signal (paused).






Maze log is forwarded to the terminal. If you choose to redirect the output to the file, note that maze
log is printed into stdout stream, but the warnings and error messages, such as

maze: WARNING: Executable file "/bar/foo" has no debugging information.


are printed into stderr.



$ maze foo 1>my_log 2>my_errors

The log is printed into the text file my_log. The file my_errors contains warnings and error messages (if any).