Maze for Linux

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Welcome to Maze, a novel testing and debugging environment that removes thread execution uncertainty!

3D rendering of maze with a shining sphere in the center

Maze stress-tests your concurrent program by taking over process scheduling functions of the operating system, and running your program repeatedly along different execution paths. Maze does this by simulating random context switches in a controllable and reproducible way. When unexpected program behavior has been detected, Maze knows the exact execution sequence that precedes it.


  • Maze is the first tool on the market that features playback of buggy behavior
  • Maze requires no code instrumentation
  • Maze runs on Linux
  • Maze is FREE for early adopters
  • Maze is well-documented and very easy to use


This site is currently maintained for reference only. Maze development and user subscriptions have been discontinued.


System Requirements

    • Linux kernel 2.6.9 or later

    Tip: shell command: uname -r

    • Architecture: i686 or x86_64

    Shell command: arch

    • Binary: ELF 32 or 64 bit

    Shell command: file full_path_to_your_binary







Watch the video of Maze presentation at Stanford High-Performance Computing Conference on Dec 6, 2011 at Stanford University in Stanford, CA.

Link to the video at insideHPC