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A Stingray in Your Bathtub? Fitting a 1U Rack Server in Your Office

Photo of a bluespotted stingrayMy server is huge: the Dell PowerEdge™ R610 Rack Server is about 19” wide, and 30” deep. Think stingray, and you'll know what it is like. The bottom-feeding stingray provides a good analogy. Out of sight is its best habitat.


As for the server, such a monster should live, well, on a server rack. But a rack is a huge investment, both in money and required area. Can you make room for it in your office space? After all, the 1U server is only 1.68” high, and the R610 model is remarkably quiet.


The inspiration came from the LackRack project. These creative folks converted IKEA® coffee tables into data centers.

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